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Friday, August 14, 2009

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

Assault on Dark Athena comes with an updated version of Escape From Butcher Bay. Due to this being something more along the lines of two games this review will be a bit longer. It's sad that the best thing about Assault on Dark Athena is the updated Escape From Butcher Bay. Though its a FPS (First-Person Shooter) the game is more of a stealth action game. You can obviously go in guns blazing, just don't expect to live very long or get very far seeing as how it only takes a few shots to kill you. You are given some side missions and time to talk to prisoners about how to escape seeing as how that is the general purpose, hence its title.
One thing that you might find frustrating is how the game doesn't lead you to were you need to go, not saying we need arrows like a game for kids but some type of guide would be nice, this is only a problem because you can backtrack, so you can end up running around the wrong way for some time and I'm not only talking about in Butcher Bay. Assault on Dark Athena is basically Butcher Bay in a different environment with little things changed, this is not a good thing considering the whole time your playing you just keep thinking "been there, done that". You are captured once again and must escape using what you've learned in the past, unique right?, this time around its more focused on FPS like gameplay rather then its predecessors stealth like gameplay. Online play is now a part of this game and it comes with a varitey of modes but by far the one that stands out is Pitch Black mode. During this mode one person is Riddick and the others must hunt him down. All in all if you've played Butcher Bay before theres not much of a reason to pick this up.
Released: April 7, 2009
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Number of Players: 1 (Offline), 12 (Online)
Number of Trophies / Achievements: 51 (PS3), 50 (Xbox 360)
Rated: M (Mature)

Our Rating: 7/10

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